The Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project

Would you like to house a mirror locally on your computer or server? A good method is with a utility called rsync, which most UNIX's have installed. For windows machines it can be installed via cygwin. To mirror OACDP I've setup a rsync server that can be used as follows:

    rsync -avz rsync:// /path/to/a/local/directory

I suggest running this on a regular basis such as a unix cronjob.

Current known mirrors

Building from source

This website's source is published on github. Feel free to clone it via git clone git://

The project uses webgen 0.5 to render out the final html, which coupled with the overlay creates the site. The command to render out the site is webgen render. This should be run in the root directory of the cloned repo. Feel free to email if you have any questions about the process.

In the root of the project directory you can find a file with instructions on how to build and deploy your own copy of the oacdp. You can use the contact info to request a copy of the image overlay, which provides all the source images used in the project. I would post it directly online, but for such a large file the bandwidth usage from webcrawlers alone would be significant. If there are enough requests for the overlay I'll setup a torrent.

If you've made local changes that you think deserve to be added back into the project I'm glad to accept patches or pushes of your revisions.

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