The Obsolete Air-Cooled Documentation Project
About the OACDP file formats

The OACDP uses the following file types:

If you are having trouble viewing one of the above file types please check out some of the utilities suggested below. If you are still having trouble then you can visit the contact page and let me know.

Image viewers

JPEG and PNG files are ubiquitous and your browser of choice should be able to support viewing them. Here's a list of image viewers you can choose from.

PDF viewers

The PDF file format was originally a proprietary format created by Adobe, but became an open standard with a multitude of available viewers.

Gzipped Tape Archive file format

tar.gz files are a gzipped compressed archive format used in UNIX systems. If you're using a UNIX system or Mac OS X you can uncompress then with something like the following:

tar -xzf /path/to/the/file.tar.gz

If you are using Windows the following utilities can un-archive tar.gz files:

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